Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

In this generation wherein our roads are occupied by a large volume of vehicles, the chance of being stuck in a heavy traffic is quite high. This is one of the reasons people choose riding their motorcycles to reach their daily destinations with much ease. Another thing is; some types of motorcycles are more fuel-efficient compared to utilizing other kinds of vehicles. This enables the bike owners to save more money for their other expenses.

On the other hand, due to the increasing popularity of motorcycles, rapid growth in the number of motorcycle accidents has resulted. Each year, at least five percent of all road accident casualties are attributed to motorcycle crashes. As we clearly perceive, motorcyclists are considerably unprotected in a motorcycle since it has no protective metal cage to ensure the safety of the rider. In addition, motorcycles also lack any safety gadgets such as air bags, windshields and safety belts. Thus, it has no match to a fearsome trucks or any other four-wheeler. 

To lessen the possibility of being involved in a motorcycle accident than can cause serious personal injuries, the riders may follow these tips: 

- Be courteous and respectful to other motorist who uses the roads
- Never practice tailgating
- Avoid riding a motorcycle when you are under the influence of liquor 
- Do not ride between slow moving vehicles
- Recognize and follow the traffic rules and ordinances
- Reduce the noise produced by the motorcycle
- Utilize signals whenever necessary
- Be cautious especially at road intersections
- Always check the side mirrors for possible upcoming vehicles
- Be watchful on road hazards and defects as well as traffic problems ahead
- Always be on the road position where the other motorists clearly see you
- Maintain a safe speed that you are most comfortable of and with consistency to your driving capability and road conditions
- Have a complete check up on your motorcycle especially the brakes
- Wear your protective gears such as a helmet, jackets, proper footwear and gloves 

There are still other ways to prevent motorcycle accidents and injuries. These can be well understood if you will try to attend a motorcycle-riding training. However, if you are already engaged in these accidents, do not accept the fault
better consult a motorcycle accident attorney to determine if you have a case to pursue. Your legal counsel will evaluate the incident. Then, if he finds a liability or fault on the other party, he will help you in recovering damages against the
defendant. Keep in mind that the law entitles all the motorists with such protection that they are worthy of. We just have to know how to utilize those rights.

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